Candella Software, KrazyMotion, and Saga Wonderworks have teamed up to bring you perhaps the greatest digital extraterrestrial religious uprising the world has ever seen… on screen.  Alien Jihad will be warp-speeding its way into your iOS device, Android, PC and consoles soon.

Spearheaded by Candella, the team of visionaries who brought us the masterpiece known as Stubbs the Zombie, Alien Jihad will transport players to the future Earth, where Britain is broke and full of Nazis and North America is best friends with North Korea. There’s peace, partying and miniskirts in the Middle East and France is busy persecuting aliens looking to settle down in Paris- it’s a very plausible future.

London bridge is #$%@ing falling down!

Then disaster strikes and a hostile alien race from planet Virginopolis (I wish I was making this up) invades earth. With their phasers set to pwn, they’ll stop at nothing to warp Wall Street bankers into vicious clones. All seems lost for earth, when a brave band of Danish cartoonists rise up to form the resistance. You must join their ranks and give rise to the Alien Jihad! See what I did there?

The game will feature trophies you can earn such as “Greedy Banker” “Infidel”  “Forclosure King” “Tea Party” “Bailout Champion” and more.  This game clearly has no political undertones whatsoever…

The games creative director, Ajith Ram, assures players that hours of win await them in Alien Jihad.

“We designed Alien Jihad to bring back the simplicity and instant thrill of the great arcade shooters from the 1980′s and the FMV games of the early 90′s. We are certain that the game will bring that same excitement to a whole new generation of players.”

You had me at “1980′s.”

I’m calling it early: best game ever. Get this thing on my iPhone. Now.

Learn more at <–  Yes, that’s the actual website.

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